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Pack Walks

Does your dog have great off leash recall & a friendly spirit? Send them to camp!

What's included?

Pack walks consist of a 2-hour off-leash trek with a group of your dog's best friends. We include pick up and drop off at your home, and travel to off-leash friendly areas and private land to explore. Your dog will receive training, socialization, and a tiring amount of exercise. We teach dog's how to master impulse control, listen to structured commands, socialize with the pack, and earn their freedom in a stimulating environment. You'll come home to a dog that is both mentally and physically exhausted. 

Cost: $35/dog




Are you looking to improve your dog's listening skills, impulse control, or anxiety? Ask about our training packages!

Need Help?

Our training programs vary according to what a client needs and how much training a particular dog requires. With a balanced dog training approach, we can help address obedience roadblocks, behavioral issues, and dogs that are fearful and anxious. Does your dog blow you off when you ask them to come? Are you trying to walk your dog on a leash without pulling? Does your dog have behavioral tendencies you can't seem to cure? Are you struggling with a dog that feels unsafe or anxious? 

Inquire about our packages!



Are you seeking someone to walk your dog around the neighborhood?

Ask about our availability for on-leash walks while you're away at work!

Cost: $20/half hour, or $30/hour

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